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Welcome To Our Farm

Welcome to our farm and website. Regardless if you are just "window shopping" or intend to purchase one of our goats, we are glad you popped in. Boggstown Boer Goats is located in Shelby County, approximately 25 miles southeast of Indianapolis, Indiana positioned in between interstates I-65 and I-74, ironically with the same exit number: Exit 99.

It is said that "It is easier to ask for forgiveness than it is for permission." This is precisely how all of this goat business started for us back in the spring of 2005. One day I arrived home to find 3 new goats that had just arrived from Tennessee in the barn - no warning . . . just goats!!!. There stood my husband, with his hands in his pockets, shrugging, and proclaiming he had no idea how those goats got there!!! Currently, our full-blood and percentage does along with our 3 herd sires, inhabit that same barn and pastures situated on the eastern edge of the family-owned farm established by Mike's parents in 1963.

Since that "I have no idea how they got there" day, we have done our utmost to educate ourselves on matching up genetics for breeding and show quality goats through good old fashion trial and error; participating in and attending shows; observing sales; asking countless questions; and helping the young men and young ladies who honor us by purchasing and showing our goats year-after-year in the Indiana 4-H program.

If you would like to know more about our Boer Goat journey, please see our "About Us" link.

Thanks for stopping by Boggstown Boar Goats; we hope you visit again soon!

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